Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 6

Week 6.

I did a lot of writing this week. I finished the research portion of my paper and began the reflection bit. 

I also worked on some more labels for the bottles. I messed with the fonts and tried out different placement of the brands and slogans. 
I will be using liquor and Wisconsin beer labels as references. I will also continue working on more creative names for the various alcohols. 

I also did a photo shoot with my dear friend Lucibelle and may  have found a male model for the next shoot! In the photo shoot we messed with crossdressing and transformations. I used a technique with the camera where it takes multiple pictures as I hold the 'shutter' button down. This way I can get a stop-motion effect if I look through the photos quickly in order. Also, I was taking pictures I also was video recording the session. This will come in handy for the film later on.

Unfortunately, I am unable to submit a label example that I worked on this weekend due to some external hard drive accidents. They will be coming soon though!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Week

Drilled my first hole.  

It is exactly how it sounds.

This week, I spent my time looking at works of Maria Rubinke.  She lives in Denmark. I enjoy her work because of the combination of children and horrific imagery. Very sublime and romantic. It is excessively entertaining! I have been following her processes and shows (online of course) for about a year or so now. We are 'friends' on Facebook, that must mean something right? (haha, not really). 
It just happens I took another look this week, so close to halloween.  Perhaps, I may find inspiration for a costume... or a complete costume within one of her works.

I have been thinking a lot about the concepts and contentions of my work so far on my senior art show project. I think I have been thinking much too narrow and thats why I stumble over my words when people ask, "BUT! What does it mean?!?!

Well, like most of my works and my peers, my artwork relates to the contemporary times and what I know. It is about college life and different changes people may go through. It may seem a bit high school at first, however, most people are done with the physical changes and their hormones are starting to stabalize. Maybe. Our brains don't fully develop until the age of 25 or 26 years old... why are we expected to be adults once we are 18?

College seems less and less about academics (beyond working your ass off to get into graduate school) and more about developing oneself as a person. Students grow socially and dig deeper in the philosophies, theories, and abstract/critical ways of thinking. 

My work experiments with gender, alcohol use, various types of masks (how one presents themself) and how we are molding ourselves constantly. My work may also travel down a more narrow pathway and stop to smell of the flowers of voyeurism, commodity, binge-drinking, etc; however, I think I want to challenge myself to work in more broad terms. Many times I get caught up in the details of my concepts and don't spend enough time actually constructing my piece. I want to build on my craftsmanship for this piece rather than focusing too much energy onto my concept. It stresses me out.

I drilled holes in 6 various types of bottles- liquor, wine and beer. All success, no breaks, cracks or shards in the eyeball (of course, I had gloves and protective eyewear on). I also made two potentials labels using photoshop and the photos I took last weekend. Finding beer/wine/liquor names is turning out to be quite easy by just taking a passive listen to conversations around me when I visit the campus bar.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 4: Senior Art Show Progress

So much organizing this week!

I finally tracked down some drill bits and figured out how to use them! I hope I don't shatter any of the bottles.

Bjorklunden was a great weekend visit. Especially when I had so many photos to take.

I got some photos for the labels of the bottles. Now I can try printing some and testing them out.

If everyone is special, then is no one special?

Of course, I couldn't help myself and did some filming for the video portion of the piece. Although this is not part of the independent study, I figured if it benefits the project, why not?

I checked out some Maurizio Cattelan online and think I may add him to the list of artists relating to my work. The portions of bodies rather than using the whole form is very beneficial to contemporary works in conveying a wide range of ideas and concepts. (I know thats a general statement, but art goes down all roads these days).


Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Three Update

This week.

I started editing some of my contortionist clips!!! 
I have my materials ready for making labels (collected magazines, made a list of photos I would like to take, and will start shooting soon). I also transported the remainder of my materials from home to the cave (aka- the work space).

I think I will begin working on the paper next week so I can get some of that out of the way.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Process of Constructing a Piece for the Senior Art Show. Pt. 1

Senior Project Status Week 2

-       Moved in more materials to the back room

-     Presented idea at senior show presentations

-       Picked up keys for the rooms I will be working in!

-       Another artist added to my list: Mike Kelley

-       Met with Beth Z. about space for the piece
o   She is guesstimating about 12 feet of wall space for the piece. This means 6 feet each side of a corner. I am thinking the dimensions of the wall pieces could be 3x6x3 and the floor sculpture could be about 5x6x4. The floor space is not so much a concern. They also said that I am the first to come in and discuss space and equipment so I will get first dibs on a TV, however, I think I have a TV to use if there are more than 2 other film projects.  I will start taking digital pictures soon and designing the floor sculpture.

-   Still talking to Rob about drill bits and what not. Going to set up a time soon to figure out best drill for the job.