Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Aesthetics. Relational.

What's more relational than bar tending and drinking at a bar?

The collaborative piece, Serving and Drinking at a Bar, is short how-to video on ordering drinks and drinking them at a bar. The video speaks beyond the simple Can-I-have-a-Bud-Light-Yeah-here-ya-go exchange between patron and bartender but also to larger topics of bar and drinking etiquettes. The video starts with me asking for a Bud Light and taking unnecessarily long swigs from it, followed with Amber ordering a whiskey lemonade and sipping appropriately. In some cases, people must compromise in bars. Many places won't have ginger ale, but will make it on the fly by mixing a type of cola with a citrus soda. In our video, our bar does not have just lemonade, but raspberry lemonade. Though this is not a huge difference, people like what they like and don't like to stray. With perfect poise, Amber decides to switch it up and try something slightly new. This is not to say that one should short themselves in getting the drink they want in bars, however, there are times to complain and times to mix up the taste palette. Seasoned bartenders know what they are doing and work hard for tips, so, most of the time, they aren't going to mess with you getting your drink on and try to give reasonable alternatives when they don't have your specific concoction available. 

In proper etiquette, I then offer a round of tequila shots for the entire studio on the house, in order to  encourage the class to become part of our already collaborative project. Without the class participation, the piece would not have been successful.  Amber and I were relying on the assumptions that 1) people in the audience like tequila 2) they enjoy taking shots and 3) they would be up for taking a tequila shot while being video and audio recorded. This segment on the larger scale displays artists coming together on a whim and willingness to contribute their creativity. Relying on audience participation and creative input in contemporary art is part of a type of art known as relational art, which is discussed thoroughly throughout Nicolas Bourriaud's, Relational Aesthetics. Amber and my piece may at first seem like a normal art video, but it becomes clear in the latter half of the recording that we were relying on the audience to be and create the more raw art piece.

 It also minisculy demonstrates how people take tequila shots differently.  Though there is already the instructional salt, tequila, lime guideline on American drinking culture's radar, some people display supplemental behaviors such as hitting the table with the shot glass before drinking it, "cheers-ing" with others, and just slamming it and walking away. As long as the mess isn't too bad, I am sure however one completes this ritual as a right of passage into the American drinking culture is probably doing it just fine.

One of many Brosie drinks: Makers Mark with Raspberry Lemonade and limes

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Try This: Experimenting with Gender Norms

I have an official draft of my video for the senior art exhibition piece!

And check out This photo set!

These photos are from the previously mentioned photo shoots that work to challenge bi-modal gender norms.

I had four participants plus myself. Three of them identify as cis-gendered and the other prefers male pronouns but has played within the gender spectrum. The photos display how one may begin exploring various genders' clothing and behaviors, more specifically as a young adult. I first worked with the participants as the directing artist. I had them change from the clothes they came to the project in clothes of the opposite end of the gender spectrum. Two of the men put on makeup; one as an amateur and the other had much more experience. After their shoots, I asked two of them to become the director of the shoot and I became the participant. I brought multiple types of clothing and makeup for them work with as part of the shoot.

The biggest challenges I experienced were actually technology malfunctions. A lot of hardships come from that.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just casually stopping by with some Brosie's!!!

How many ideas have I had for the form of the sculpture now?
Probably at least 7,000.
However! The labels always had a solid place in my heart.

First label attempts. It's getting there!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Got in Some P.r.o.g.r.e.s.s. This Weekend

Presenting the materials: color-coded.

Preparing for my shoot.

Label for beer bottles

Carol Emmons

Carol Emmons and the Termite Turds

Mommy made all the clothes
Memory pieces
Coffee table? Oh, an altar
Seems sentimental

This is my nightmare
(this is where art comes from)

Desk with writing on it, in a school-style installation room
No No No No No, none of this and none of that
Racism sexism and misinformation
Homage or critique?


Panopticon (please pronounce it right)

Prospective refuge
Dark walls are part of the piece.
Climb up the platform and
Be active in the art.

Zodiac drawings
Cheesy and middle school-ish
Why does she talk so much about others work?
I need to hear your ideas not theirs

Oooga Booga windows
You are the star in the secret dreams of another
Fancy chair though
And then there was the text in a circle
I dig that.

8x11 feet upstairs
Biiiiiiig intallation
Watchers of the pond
Text on the wall and window

Wooden camera
The image of being observed?
Btw, graphite on mildew doesn’t work
Shelves have items that are fabricated and found

Why point out masculine symbol
To not talk about it at all?
But then there are shells and deer jaws
It looks like a crib
(and that was Cosmos)

Constellations! Its up to me?
To have thoughts about it?
I like this.
It makes sense.

Ruuf? Roof?
Stick something in the hole
Steps to knowledge
Ladders are train tracks
DNA – does Nathan accelerate? :p
Thomas Wright = eyes
Janky re-cap slide
Yay its done
It literally lasted another two minutes after Rose left too…..

Shirlee Emmons.
The End.

The text above are my exact notes from watching her lecture. It includes words and phrases she said and my reactions to them and the images she showed the audience.

I think her use of the gallery space is way underutilized. The balls on the wall are too cutesy. Maybe if she used more or bigger ones it would be more impressive. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Will I Do Next?

For my first act of Spring Term…

This project will be a continuation of my Senior Art Exhibition video piece.

So far in my label and video making, I have been focusing on other people's experimentation with gender.  And now it is my turn to be a participant in the photos. I plan to have my past subjects direct me in how I play with gender normative and non-binary clothing, behaviors, and photo posing.  

My senior piece has a large collaborative element in it's process and I am excited to have my photography participants taking control in the imagery I hope to include in my final video and/or bottle labels. 

(See past posts for more information on my senior art piece and its elements/process).