Sunday, April 6, 2014

Carol Emmons

Carol Emmons and the Termite Turds

Mommy made all the clothes
Memory pieces
Coffee table? Oh, an altar
Seems sentimental

This is my nightmare
(this is where art comes from)

Desk with writing on it, in a school-style installation room
No No No No No, none of this and none of that
Racism sexism and misinformation
Homage or critique?


Panopticon (please pronounce it right)

Prospective refuge
Dark walls are part of the piece.
Climb up the platform and
Be active in the art.

Zodiac drawings
Cheesy and middle school-ish
Why does she talk so much about others work?
I need to hear your ideas not theirs

Oooga Booga windows
You are the star in the secret dreams of another
Fancy chair though
And then there was the text in a circle
I dig that.

8x11 feet upstairs
Biiiiiiig intallation
Watchers of the pond
Text on the wall and window

Wooden camera
The image of being observed?
Btw, graphite on mildew doesn’t work
Shelves have items that are fabricated and found

Why point out masculine symbol
To not talk about it at all?
But then there are shells and deer jaws
It looks like a crib
(and that was Cosmos)

Constellations! Its up to me?
To have thoughts about it?
I like this.
It makes sense.

Ruuf? Roof?
Stick something in the hole
Steps to knowledge
Ladders are train tracks
DNA – does Nathan accelerate? :p
Thomas Wright = eyes
Janky re-cap slide
Yay its done
It literally lasted another two minutes after Rose left too…..

Shirlee Emmons.
The End.

The text above are my exact notes from watching her lecture. It includes words and phrases she said and my reactions to them and the images she showed the audience.

I think her use of the gallery space is way underutilized. The balls on the wall are too cutesy. Maybe if she used more or bigger ones it would be more impressive. 


  1. This is a nice departure from regular old posts that read like response papers. Thanks for the discontinuity.

    Yeah, why did she bring up the male symbol and then not talk about it?

  2. I agree that the balls on the wall were a little too cutesy. She definitely could have used bigger ones to get her message across better, or perhaps used something different than the shiny balls.