Monday, May 5, 2014

Pamela? Vivian? Bannos? Maier?


What happens when an artist keeps their talent a secret? 
What happens when creativity hides away in boxes?

Pamela unleashes mundane, teen-level photographs into the world and people smile.

Vivian Maier. She archived her pictures and decided not to share.
Pamela heard of the prints, keep it a secret she not dare.

This post is appropriately short as I feel like I paralleled the effort and work that Pamela put into her project proportionately to what was asked of me. 


  1. Are you saying that Pamela put little effort into her project to find out who Vivian was? I may be misinterpreting but if so I would have to disagree. I believe that Pamela spent a lot of time tracing Vivian's physical steps and make connections in her life. The big intrigue about Vivian is the mystery of her life and the question of why she did not share her photographs (that we know of). But Pamela was aiming to uncover the former mystery and tell the world what she found about Vivian's life through analyzing her photographs and the tools she used, and places she went.

  2. I would have to agree with Rachel. The whole google map tracing of Vivian's steps and investigating where she took the pictures must have taken quite a while. Her presentation filled in a lot of gaps of the VIvian Maier story for me. What do you mean by teen-level photographs?