Monday, May 12, 2014

Final DigiPro Project for Spring Term 2014

Drinks and Drawing
Drawing Games Played in Bars

The content of my piece will be drawing games people play with their friends in bars (or when hanging out in general).

I picked a few games such as scribble drawing. corpse, and paper telephone. 
I will get together a group of people in the Viking Room (more than just once).
We will play the games over drinks (alcoholic or not).
I will focus the camera on our hands, the artwork, and the interactions between people during the games.

I will produce images, video, and sound from the time together.

I have thought about including a bit about drinking games played in people's homes rather in public. 
Card games
Beer Pong (I am not very excited about this one)
Drinking games while watching TV shows.

A second idea: 

This artist lives a very different lifestyle than myself.
Hip Hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator and Macklemore live soberly.
I find work of artists who are sober very attractive. I live quite the opposite lifestyle.
How would it affect my art? How would it influence my creative flow?

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