Sunday, May 4, 2014

Noritoshi Hirakawa

“The sexual revolution is over, the Puritans have won.”

Noritoshi Hirakawa’s work is relational in its social context and relevance to contemporary culture. He wants to encourage a shift in the viewers concept of sexuality in our culture, specifically in the aesthetics of depictions of nudity.

In the above project he uses trained dancers in order to promote ideas of desire and power.  This project was one a few collections that is meant to humanize and sexualize architecture. The people interacting within the buildings make it sexual
These types of models understand body movement and the connections with sexuality, emotion and intimacy that exposing difference curves can catalyze in an audience. He wants to use his camera to connect men’s and women’s desires as opposed to just using the camera to depict men’s desires for women. 

 In this photo, he puts the subject into the public space to capture a private part of her. It’s relational in the subject's way of exposing herself in public. She was in control of the camera taking this photo as Noritoshi took another picture from afar of her photographing herself. 


  1. His work is highly sexual and controvertial...I dont think I get it very well but seems like all his works are chanllenging and trying to break the boundaries of male and female sexuality. He also did some really controversial movies! May be worth checking it out... or not

  2. It seems as if there could be something interesting here, if it weren't quite so pornographically indulgent and fueled by the female form. I like to think that there will be a day when nudity in art will not be entirely male-gaze centric.