Monday, November 4, 2013

In an alternate universe it would only be 3rd week.

Week 7.

I did another photoshoot! I had a guy come in an basically do the same thing as the previous female model, except changing into women's clothing. Naturally I was taking pictures and filming.

I worked harder on the labels. This is what I came up with. 

Banners could not be more of an abomination to fit with text, especially when halfway through one changes the font and EVERYTHING is off. I took out a thing or two out of this version versus the last one. I played with font and decided to make them all the same (brand name, slogan, and liquor name). 

I am not sure if I am ready to go ahead and print quite yet.

Some other label text ideas I came up with are: 

-Hold My Beer And Watch This 
"The brave person's summer ale"

-I Bet My Ex Misses Me 
Red Wine 

- I Love You So Much, Like I Am Serious 
Blue Raspberry Vodka

-I Am Just Resting My Eyes 
"Beer. It's what's for dinner"

-I Only Smoke When I Drink
 Rye Whiskey

-I Am Not Even Drunk Yet
Dry Gin
"It is still 5 o'clock somewhere" 

I also added a bit more to the research bit of my paper.

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