Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Pinterest/Tumblr Can at Times be Poison. Like Snakes' Venom and Stuff.

  • A misleading photo that has been consistently shared/pinned/etc on blog sites, FB, and other such places the past few weeks.
    Let me be another.

    This picture is flawed. Looking at the lists of both successful people and unsuccessful people, the right side claims watching TV everyday is something that unsuccessful people do and on the right it indicates successful people keep a to-do list. A lot of successful people watch the news. News on TV is still considered TV. One can have a to-do list and not accomplish anything on it, therefore, it wouldn't matter that you have the list. Also, this seems to be based on one person's definition of success and not apply to an individual's own definition of success. Success is subjective; this is misleading information and degrading to the varying degrees of success. 

    I could nitpick more, but I think my point is finely demonstrated with one example from each side.

    Also, some of these ideas seem to be characteristics of the conventional idea of nice, highly-liked people versus mean, disagreeable people. Although these characteristics may apply to business-owning etiquette, it seems elementary.  
    (Maybe some people need that type of reminder, I guess). 

    So, I Googled this woman. I found that it is, of course, based on one woman's idea of success. Success at owning a business, entrepreneurship and as a CEO. 

    "Her mission is to give every CEO, Entrepreneur and Business Person the facts and essential tools for running a PROFITABLE business."- maryellentribby.com

    In short, this picture only applies to the population of business owners, but nowhere on this picture does it indicate that. It displays how obnoxious sites in which images like this are shared and reposted over and over...and over.. and over again. 

    The unfortunately gullible people should beware of such posts as this, especially those searching for 'self-help' type advice.
  • I think this could be a decent type of picture to share if some changes were made.

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