Monday, June 9, 2014

Finalfinalfinal ever DigiPro class post.

Mapping Anticipated Carpal Tunnel

I was at work when I generated this idea. Playing the game of Flow during break. It was hard not to notice the patterns left on my screen by my fingers. Thinking of all the different patterns that come up with individual activities, I began finding ways to transfer the finger prints/marks to become digital inkjet prints.

 I used non-dairy creamer powder and cinnamon to stick to the greasy fingerprints I left on my phone. Then using clear packing tape I lifted the prints and smears off the phone. Using the film scanner, I was able to successfully transform the marking left by my fingers into a digital image. I put the scans into photoshop and began playing around with them. Inverting them was a great choice. The final images look very galaxy-like, which is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing to me. 

I asked other people to allow me to use their prints on their phones too. Their phones were as not easy to lift prints from or they just took my phone and started messing with it. 

This project was extremely fun to put together. I chose not to post all the digital files of the work online because I want to preserve the physical value of the prints. The way they were generated was based on physical marks and their preservation will be through the prints I create. 

Carpal Tunnel... unfortunate. It is the possible future of the avid cell phone user. 

Ok, I posted one but only because its title is "Facebook."

Oh my, but what would Bourriaud say? 

Well. He may say that I was extracting human prints from technology much like foot prints are found in archaeological excavations. Maybe. Documenting our life in the present, so in the future we can know what went wrong?

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