Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kira Perov's Greatest Public Success: Bill Viola.

What about KIRA PEROV??

Bill Viola, Kira Perov, and Skrillex!!!!!  nope, it's their son, Blake.

Why isn't Kira's name following or preceding Bill's name on all of the works? Their art appears to be joint work; their spiritual encounters, videotaping, editing, etc. 
Should've gone to that Q&A session. rats.

I had the delight of having lunch with these two (and others, but delight may be an exaggeration on that part, not based on people's character, but familiarity and repetition). I observed, hoping to find the answer to my one question (the one above). I never learned the answer, but I was satisfied enough knowing that she is the more interesting of the two. Understandably, if she were in the spotlight, she may just steal it all away. She is the Mrs. behind the scenes dragging him along on her life journey. It makes me wonder if she wrote his talk for convocation... Brains behind the beard, she is.

Kira Perov is modest and likes chocolate.
She and I have one thing in common.

Here are the notes I took during Convocation during which Bill spoke and talked and spoke. monotone voices. long monotonous noises.
The words he spoke were inspirational to those who believe they require fuel and nutrients as such.

And there he was. Bill Viola (Italian; Vee not Vie) Rooting;Clapping;For himself.
'Thank you to my wife, Kira Perov, without her, I wouldn't be the artist I am.'

Bill Viola, Fire Woman, 2005, video still.

Fire Woman:            
            loud. I dig it. Falls forward into water; looks like blood. (would be a better twist)
            it booms on.
            kaleidoscope effect on the bottom of the fire.
Goes to a, Like a reflection in water.
woman goes into water which engulfs the fire. Reflection of blue and red fire in water (upside down?)           
becomes all blue

we are artists- bumbumdabumbumdadum.

sources of inspiration:
artists transform experiences that are physical or metaphysical and we transform them into tangible things so other people can experience them
            runs all together despite demographic
            equalizer (art is) separator (due to skills)
            the internet, digital
            tries to bury institutions, nature shit

Older generation has screwed it up for us. (we know.)
            blessed to be entering a world that is falling apart.
            nature shit
            who are you when you go into your studio, no distractions. No interactions with others.
            what is inspiration?
                        living force, gift of the stars
            creativity starts with inspiration

I can barely listen to this guy because I keep watching the background, which is a group of people seeming to experience all sorts of emotions.
Bill Viola, Quintet of the Astonished, video still 
            slow motion moving,
            most seem negative in their emotion or in pain, the guy in the back seems to be in a happy nirvana

Walt Whitman- (after loss of brother) wrote a poem
This dude loves poetry

Mystery-eternal reason to keep moving forward

Laughs at death

Cant control arm movements. Japanese death poems are great: we will have a party.

Death and saved by images.

Keepers of the visions of humanity

Bring in a New and more perfect being (artists statement)

Technology and revelation have most affected human life
            physical and metaphysical
             hardware and software
            we must bring these things together.
intention of the user is how technology affects you
            you have to refine and deepen your feelings
Bill Viola, Ascension, 2000, video still
immersion water piece
            intended for a dark room with loud noise

medium is a form of pollution –doesn’t trust TV, news, etc
          problem is trust
its about morality and stuff.

Think about art as crossing the river cause we cross it and forget all the things 
(leave something behind so people after you figure a better way to do it)

Convocation notes. April 2013.

They're both vegetarian and totally dig Japan, by the way.


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