Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Filming Clyde was slightly tedious at first because for the first few takes he did not want to eat any of the food that was in front of him, which is very odd for a hedgie his weight.  One can see I then moved him to the dish and he began eating right away. Not only did he get cranky and ignore the food at first, but after I moved it away he was reluctant to take anymore.  Thus, the  word 'Assistance' in the title seemed appropriate. 

His hesitant behaviors could be similar to McLuhan's  hesitance to embrace the growing technological advances.  Clyde is reluctant to eat unless made to. He is content with the weight he is at and is lazy and falling asleep once he has the food in his mouth. McLuhan seems content with the printing processes that have made books part of an "individualistic culture," and rejects the rising desire for technological advances surpassing printed books, stationary use, and useful, simplistic things as such.   

"'Rationality' and logic came to depend on the presentation of connected and sequential facts or concepts." Marshal McLuhan.

So what happens when the presentation is not connected or completely sequential?

I played with the sound in my video a lot, muting it, overlapping sound between clips, and adding a bit of music. The sound creates and rejects logical sequence of the scenes of Clyde's eating. In the beginning Clyde is rejecting his food, but with the foreshadowing noise of crunching one can predict that soon he will be munching away. On the other hand, the music, "I'm So Tired" by The Beatles, is followed by a rush of speed eating and this breaks the expected foreshadowing of a nap. The noise I added anytime an outside figure appears in the video indicates foreign intervention/presence. 

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    2. I absolutely love the concept of "rejecting logical sequence", and how you accomplished that with sound.